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The 21st century brings with it an overwhelming amount of information, which, to be of value in our lives, we need to find easily, work with efficiently, and then pass on for other people to use.

The Trapeze suite of solutions developed by Onstream Systems are designed to give people in business quick access to vital information at the times when they most need it, enabling them to better serve their own customers.

With Trapeze solutions you can scan and view your paper documents, convert them to electronic images, index and file them, work with these images as if you were working with the original paper document in your hands, and then even share them over the internet.

Unlike other solutions

Trapeze solutions can be utilized in conjunction with other business applications. The software is very adaptable and works with electronic documents of many file types including documents of very large sizes, complex drawings and maps.

You don't need to change the way you like to work... a user friendly interface including intuitive menus and wizards lets you manage your electronic paperwork in the same familiar way you would manage your own physical paper filing systems.

You don't have to open each page of a document to view the can view images at a glance using bookmarks and thumbnails as if you had all the documents in a paper folder.

No matter the source . . . no matter the size . . . no matter the type. You can browse, retrieve, view, annotate, manipulate, measure, redact, print ... from your desktop, or even over the web.

Overview of Trapeze Solutions


View and manipulate ANY document

A powerful document viewer which gives you the ability to browse, retrieve, annotate, measure, draw, index, bookmark your scanned images, and view multiple images through thumbnails without having to open each image. Comes with the Java® Edition for casual access and rapid viewing over the web.

. . . even hard to manage documents and file sizes.

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Index & Organize your images in the way you like

An image repository management system that lets you retrieve and index your scanned electronic documents as images.

It is open and scalable for one or thousands of users. You can create a complete online imaging database in 10 minutes and use it within the hour.

Drag and drop . . . you don't even have to type in your search words! This unique feature in Vault allows you to select text within the main document, and drag the appropriate working into your index fields.

Instantaneously sort your folders into cascading categories . . . save your document once, and in seconds the system will re-sort according to document type, project, customer, date and time.

Trapeze Vault Capture Pro - a batch capture add-on to Trapeze Vault, which enables users to quickly and simply scan and QA batches of documents - ideally suited for departmental and production scanning use.

. . . build a complete online imaging database

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Access and work with images Online

You can web-enable your document repository with this online version of Trapeze, without requiring extra database or additional security . . . and combine high quality on-screen reproductions with extremely fast download speeds to deliver scanned images over the web.

. . . extremely fast, from any location.

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A tightly integrated seamless batch scanning system designed for use with Document Record Management Systems

The Trapeze Capture product range provides a simple way to incorporate all paper documentation in your electronic content management system, and is designed for high use scanning environments where zones of OCR and barcode information will be automatically read and placed into metadata fields ready for saving directly into your DRMS.

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RapidRedact software provides a fast, easy to use method for irreversibly removing selected information from all electronic document types. The software completely removes any record of text or author's changes and cleans hidden code or data from "behind" the document. Since the content is no longer in the document, snooping or hacking into the file cannot reveal the information.

It enables the user to simply and quickly produce documents with sections of visible information "blanked out", and optionally provides an audit copy of the document for internal reference purposes, which shows the what redactions were made.

RapidRedact can be scaled to fit any business size, and has applications for use in any business type.

Provides business and government agencies with the ability to adapt their business processes to comply with the increasingly demanding regulatory requirements for transparency and privacy.

RapidRedact is a natural integration to the usual office applications for any electronic document, and provides functions essential for compliance with any legislative or regulatory requirement, such as theFreedom of Information, Privacy, and Sarbanes Oxley Acts.

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