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Our Customers

We have a diverse range of customers including organizations in Local Bodies, Public Records Offices, Law & Enforcement, Utility & Energy Pharmaceutical Organizations, Security Agencies, Departments of Defence Airport, Military, Insurance, State & Federal government, Surveyors, and Aviation Authorities.

Our more than 1 million satisfied users are our best source of inspiration. With customers feedback and suggestions we have been able to develop software that people can really use, without having to drastically change they way they like to work.

Business with our end users is conducted in partnership with a comprehensive Reseller Network including companies specifically chosen for their local business knowledge, and which spans the USA, Europe, UK, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand.

Companies such as AXA Insurance, AON Insurance, City of Laguna Beach and Swift Energy in the USA, and NSW State Water in Australia, are just a few of the companies who use Trapeze solutions to manage their documents.

What just a few of our customers have to say about our Software:

"The service from Onstream Systems goes well beyond that of a standard support provider, they become more like a close friend. They will go out of their way to help you and provide advice that is; Knowledgeable, helpful and realistic to your requirements. I have worked in two different councils in very different locations and their service has always been steadfast."

Leonie Eruera
Records Team Leader
Gisborne District Council

Trapeze Desktop

"It was very easy to install. We just downloaded it from the Web and bought the licenses. We didn’t need any training. It was all very second nature for us. The support has been excellent."

Jenny Loake
Geotechnical Assistant
Swift Energy NZ

"While we do not use all of the functionality/features of Trapeze we have been very impressed with the usability/reliability of the software and the product/business support provided by Onstream Systems. In summary an excellent product and vendor."

Stephen Yule
Records Team Leader
Palmerston North City Council

Trapeze Vault

"Some departments require frequent access to City Clerk’s records, others less so... but the savings in terms of cost and time are remarkable. People no longer have to walk between departments to request documents, or have to go to our paper vault to search boxes for the relevant papers. They can do it with a couple of mouse clicks! Through Trapeze Vault."

Verna Rollinger
City Clerk
City of Laguna Beach


"I think RapidRedact is a great product and it is difficult to imagine what the Sheriff's Medical Records Unit would do now without it -- other than to go back to cover-up tape, copying a second time and releasing a paper redacted copy. Using RapidRedact permits us to put redacted PDF copies on CD disk and mail that instead of hundreds of pages of paper."

Daniel Moray
US law enforcement agency